• SBOM + SLSA: Accelerating SBOM success with the help of SLSA

    posted by Brandon Lum, Isaac Hepworth, Meder Kydyraliev on 02 May 2022

  • SLSA Is No Free Lunch

    posted by Mike Lieberman on 11 Apr 2022

    “What is SLSA?” followed closely by “What does SLSA do for me?” are the two most common questions I get when people learn about SLSA. This has led to a lot of confusion as to how folks apply SLSA, and the benefits they get. You can’t just apply SLSA practices to a pipeline that runs a build, generate a SLSA attestation and magically be protected from supply chain compromise. Contrary to a lot of the hype being thrown around, SLSA is no free lunch, and we must help protect our lunch!

  • Introducing the SLSA Blog

    posted by SLSA Community on 08 Apr 2022

    We’re excited to launch our very own blog, from which we will be posting project news, documentation, and other information about SLSA. Stay tuned for more posts coming your way soon.