After almost two years since SLSA’s initial preview release, we are pleased to announce our first official stable version, SLSA v1.0! The full announcement can be found at the OpenSSF press release, and a description of changes can be found at What’s new in v1.0. Thank you to all members of the SLSA community who made this possible through your feedback, suggestions, discussions, and pull requests!

But SLSA doesn’t stop here. We intend to continue working through the backlog of editorial feedback we received from RC1 and RC2 and updating the specification on a rolling basis. Further down the road, our plans include expanding the depth and breadth of the specification.

As always, we welcome contributions from all. Please see the Community page for ways to participate.

Changes since RC2

There is one breaking change since RC2: the provenance field systemParameters was renamed to internalParameters to highlight the contrast from externalParameters.